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This is great! Great mix of updates on foundational topics we all need to stay on top of to understand where the wind’s blowing in AI + more legally relevant topics. Incredibly helpful.

Julia Schullman

General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, Telly

The strength of these updates come from their readability and engagement through your use of white space, headings, emojis, and blend of news reporting - including from both traditional news sources, and in-the-trenches, anecdotal reporting, your valued opinions and thoughtful personal stories.

In other words, no notes.

Brooke Achua

General Counsel, Bear Givers

I love getting these from you!

Jane Fogarty

Executive Vice President - Legal, Concentrix

Can I forward these to my team? The regulatory updates are so good.

Deputy GC, Fortune 50 Company

(when the newsletter was still invite only)

I *love* these updates. So informative and fun! I’m sure you hear that all of the time, but I absolutely needed to express my appreciation. You are doing us all a great service!

COO & Division GC, $50B company

How I love and look forward to these updates, Cecilia. I can’t believe you do them for free! I would happily pay for this.

General Counsel, Private SaaS Company

You rock the planet. Your newsletter is the most content-dense thing I read these days. I am grateful for your sharing it and I would follow it anywhere, to any syndication platform. Thank you and good luck!

General Counsel, AI-powered biologics

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© 2024 General Counsel AI. All rights reserved.

© 2024 General Counsel AI. All rights reserved.