Summarizing a GC's legal advice style using ChatGPT

Summarizing a GC's legal advice style using ChatGPT

Cecilia Ziniti

Oct 30, 2023

Working on replacing myself with AI, or mostly anyway. (Yes! A post for another day.)

So, I gave GPT examples of my legal advice, and then asked it to summarize the style. Inadvertently stumbled on a nice summary of tips for answering stakeholder questions ... unedited below. Then tried the prompt a few times, worked well.

1️⃣ Begin Directly: Start the response immediately with the definition or explanation of the term in question.
2️⃣ Concise and Informative: The answer should be no more than three to four sentences long. Each sentence should carry new, relevant information.
3️⃣ Avoid Fluff: Ensure the content is free from filler words or phrases.
4️⃣ Structure: The answer should begin with a broad definition, and then provide specifics or further clarifications in the following sentences.
5️⃣ Use Parentheses for Examples: If providing examples to clarify, place them within parentheses.
7️⃣ Plain Language: Avoid technical jargon. If necessary, explain any technical term in a straightforward way.

For example:
USER: What's XYZ?
ASSISTANT: XYZ is a [basic definition]. This means [specifics or elaboration]. [Additional context or clarification if needed].