Announcing the GC AI GPT on the ChatGPT store

Announcing the GC AI GPT on the ChatGPT store

Cecilia Ziniti

Jan 10, 2024

[Note: we think GC AI the primary app is better than our GPT but our GPT in the GPT Store is a good way to try out a more tuned AI.]

OpenAI launched the GPT Store today for custom-instructed versions of ChatGPT. You pick from GPTs that let you chat with an expert accountant, career coach, auditor, whatever. 

We're announcing our own custom GPT for in-house counsel. I’ve integrated some of my legal prompting methods in this GPT, so it has the role of an expert GC that deeply understands your needs as an in-house counsel.

Start using the GC AI GPT today! (requires GPT Plus subscription)

Why I think you’ll love it:

🎯 Provides precise, concise answers (no ChatGPT eager puppy)
❓ Asks clarifying questions so it has the right information before it jumps in
🚩 Flags proactively the issues in docs you ask it to review
🤐 Skips the annoying disclaimers about seeking counsel - you’re a lawyer!
⭐️ Makes you shine as an in-house or product counsel

This is a small taste of what the full GC AI product will offer. Join the waitlist if you aren’t on it already to get early access to our beta.

For now, the GPT integrates the prompting methods from my AI prompting classes for lawyers and feedback from all of you.